Quantum Computer Simulator

Introduction to Quantum Programming




Raw Data

Supported Functions:
Function Example Description
qreg qreg q[N]; Create N quantum bits
creg creg c[N]; Create N classical bits
measure measure q[q_id] -> c[c_id]; Collapse qubit q_id into a "1" or a "0" in classical bit c_id
h h q[id]; Put qubit id into superposition, or "spin" by applying a hadamard gate
x x q[id]; Invert the current value of the qubit by perform Pauli X-gate on qubit id
y y q[id]; Perform Pauli Y-gate on qubit id
z z q[id]; Perform Pauli Z-gate on qubit id
s s q[id]; Perform S-gate on qubit id
sdg sdg q[id]; Perform S✝-gate on qubit id
t t q[id]; Perform T-gate on qubit id
sdg tdg q[id]; Perform T✝-gate on qubit id
cx cx q[id1], q[id2]; Entangle quantum bit id1 with id2
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